Innovative Technologies

Multiversal products can meet all your sanitation and hygiene needs thus spreading eco-friendly ambiance all around your premises.

Simple Solutions

We offer simplest possible solutions to relatively complicated problems, thus saving money, time and effort in the due course.  We are proud of our low cost, simple solutions and you will be too once you install our devices at your premises.

Tons of Features

Not only are our products low cost, they also have many attractive and useful features that are fine tuned to satisfy your needs, more than you ever expected.  See product description for more details.

Easy to Customize

Highly customizable solutions are offered, you could pick and choose what you want for your facility or allow our expert team to make recommendations for you along with friendly support.

Multiversal Products are Most Sought After

Our products save over 90% water (10% water is needed for cleaning), over 30% electricity and over 80% labor thus making them lucrative. It turns your liability (a toilet) into an asset (generating income). Our devices also uniquely generate income for you when you participate in our Kisan Sahara Program. Contact us for details!


About Us

Sanitation and hygiene is a challenge anywhere in the world, but Multiversal has made it easy, affordable and versatile. For people who are eco-conscious and want to have hygienic toilets at most affordable prices, it is not very difficult to fall in love with Multiversal. Just try our products and we assure you, you will not be disappointed. We have many other products that will serve your other needs as well; please go through our portfolio.

Multiversal Technologies develops cutting edge technologies to solve real world problems and provides simplest solutions possible.

Our Benefits

  • The Most Optimized, Universally Suitable, Retrofit Technology in The Industry.
  • Saves over 90% water (requires about 10% water for cleaning)
  • Saves over 30% electricity through automation
  • Saves over 80% labor, the facility does not require frequent cleaning through our Best Practices Guide
  • Several Customizable options available upon request to serve your needs.
  • Friendly Support, Affordable prices and Free Updates
John Severt

“A clean toilet with no odor is always a welcome. When you don’t have to pay for the cartridge and the sealant every other month, the savings begin to add up quickly. It is definitely worth buying.”

John Severt / Premium Ltd. / Chicago

Alex Winslow

“Efficient usage of the otherwise considered waste, into agriculture is surely something the modern world needs. Farmers everywhere will benefit from these products.”

Alex Winslow / Themes Ltd.

Kate Brown

“It is amazing how powerful and easy-to-use the multiversal products are. The tracking software GoGo is one of the best in the world at the lowest possible cost. This App allows one to monitor one’s own staff and do so much more. It is a welcome change when compared to CCTVs that are so much difficult to go through, while GoGo provides all the information in one go and saves a ton of your time.”

Kate Brown / Templates Ltd.

You can improve the ambiance of your building in more ways than you envision