Multiversal Technologies has developed a series of innovations to solve the hygiene related issues in public toilets and urinals. We take pride in our solutions that are simple and affordable. The following 2D animation provides a brief introduction to four of our flagship products:

Multiversal products received international accolades. Our CEO & CTO presented the products at the world’s largest Enterprenuership summit in Tie Silicon Valley, California, USA. Here is what they had to say:

Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan started by our beloved Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi has begun to change the face of Indian ecosystem. This bold initiative is already having far reaching consequences affecting all walks of life – Health, hygiene, dignity, tourism, and productivity to name a few. Multiversal Technologies is joining the bandwagon to help solve the issues associated with sanitation in India.

No single invention can provide answers to all the problems associated with various toilets and Urinals. Hence Multiversal has embarked on developing a series of frugal innovations to tackle each of the problems individually.

Multiversal has developed a series of innovations to solve the issues associated with two different sectors namely Hygiene and Agriculture. The byproducts created in one sector (Hygiene) is being used to solve the problems of the other sector (Agriculture). The urine is collected and processed into liquid fertilizer. This liquid fertilizer has been tested and it is shown to be better than chemical fertilizers. The waterless urinal Vyuh helps reduce the volume of liquid that needs to be processed. If water were used to flush, the concentration of urine will go down and the total volume will increase thus making it difficult to transfer to fields. Using waterless urinals will help keep the volume low and thus make it easier to transfer the fertilizer to the fields. NoSmel, besides automation, also generates Ozone and this gas can be used to process urine. Sangraha is a processing unit that essentially helps fix nitrogen within the fluid using Ozone from NoSmel and also helps decrease the bacteria load.

Multiversal Products

Waterless urinals and urinal self cleaning posts are needed everywhere. Since ours is a retrofit technology we will be able to upgrade your urinals and toilets without major changes. Furthermore, these are upgrades and therefore it will only improve the aesthetics, ambiance and appearance of your existing facilities without sinking into your pockets too deep.



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Rivers of flush water from our urinals continue to enter the oceans. Dumping the nutrients into the oceans while we continue to look for new deposits is not a prudent way to build a healthy society. Growing population demands lower food production costs, feeding such a big population will not be easy unless we put our acts together and start thinking about recycling nutrients in agriculture at a massive scale. We are committed to take our products globally, while solving the challenges locally first.

Multiversal Hygiene Products are Retrofit Technologies. You don’t have to worry about replacing your plumbing or the accessories. Newer facilities will benefit from our products right from the beginning.

More videos will be added regarding our other products soon. Please be tuned!