President/Chief Scientist and Founder

Dr. S. Krupakar Murali leads the R&D team that designs, patents, develops and manufactures various scientific products with significant market potential. Dr. Murali has around 30 international publications, over 50 international conferences, posters, abstracts, invited talks. He has been granted 22 international patents and has 14 patents pending.

Educational background

1992-1996: B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering, KL University, India
1997-1998: M.S. Nuclear Engineering, NCSU, USA
1999-2001: M.S. Engineering Physics, UW Madison, USA
2001-2002: M.A. Plasma Physics, UW Madison, USA
1999-2004: PhD, Plasma Physics, UW Madison, USA
2004-2007: Micron Technology, Boise, ID, USA
2007-2009: BTU International, Boston, MA, USA
2009-2011: Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, NJ
2011-Present: Multiversal Technologies Inc.,


Mrs. Kasthuri Priya M. has an MBA in finance and she has over 12 years of experience working with large and small organizations. She is more than capable in taking our business venture to the next level. Many of the expansion strategies and product launch strategies were developed by her.

Board of Advisors

Mr. Shekhar Raghavan, is a social entrepreneur who has direct experience working with both rural and urban groups in the field of sanitation and rain water harvesting. He has received national and international recognition for his work in Chennai and is guiding us.

Mr. M. Subburaman, Director, SCOPE, Trichy is also a social entrepreneur with direct experience in promoting the use of urine in agriculture. He has received many national and international awards for his work with Ecosan toilets. He has solved the issue of accumulation of NaCl in soil. He has also been credited with recognition for modifying the original double source separation Ecosan toilets into triple source separation design that is much more efficient than the former. He is guiding the product development effort by providing us with valuable information about the farmer’s needs. His extensive field experience will help in implementing Poornam.

Mr.A.Somasundaram is basically from business family. He completed his Charter Accountancy and entered into business. He started companies like Somu Fabricators and Sankar & Co Vision care Division with no technical knowledge. The Somu Fabricators were All India No.1 for 12 years and he has been honoured with many awards like Young Businessman Award in the year 1990. In the year 2008 Sankar & Co Vision Care Division became partner with Essilor. Seeing his involvement towards growth of Essilor Sankar & Co, the company has been featured in the Annual Report representing India. Mr.Somasundaram is an active Rotary Member and he has done many successful projects for Rotary. He is Charter TiE Member and focuses on upbringing the young entrepreneurs. His vision for serving the society makes him to be part of Essilor Vision Foundation. The foundation organizes free eye camp in association with Aravind Eye Hospital and provides spectacle to the needy people at remote villages. Mr.Somasundaram is a man with great financial discipline. His step towards success is positive thinking, treating all equally, and being humble to everyone.

Mr. Anil Gupta is the former Global marketing executive GE Energy USA, President and country head Honeywell international, India; President and head Reliance infrastructure, India. He brings in significant hands on business experience in both complex large global and technology intensive manufacturing Product & Services Companies including building new businesses, marketing, new product & services development introduction and commercialization and product life cycle management, for both India & emerging markets, and USA and developed markets; His knowledge will help us grow into a bigger company rather quickly.

Mr. B. Krishnamurthy (BKM) has over 32 years of professional experience in Corporates across Public, Government, and Private Sectors in 3 companies. (Global Vice President in Wipro Technologies is his most recent Corporate job) and 3 years of full time Consulting, Coaching and Training as the Founder and CEO of Best Known Methods & Solutions Private Limited, Coimbatore. We hope to benefit from his extensive contacts, and his experience with CSR schemes.