Multiversal Programmable Timer (MPT)

Multiversal Programmable Timer (MPT)

Dubbed as the “Most Versatile Low Cost Timer in the World”
MPT is designed to meet all your timer needs. This device allows you to program using a cell phone app, simulate the scheduling to look for inaccuracies and uses a bluetooth device to upload your timing data.

  • Quick programming – Using a user friendly GUI on your cell phone programming MPT7 is easy and quick.
  • No programming skills needed – You do not need to have any kind of programming skills. All you need to do is enter the timing information.
  • Save scheduling on your cell phone – while our competitors require that you program the timer manually every single time, our Bluetooth enabled timer allows you to save, edit and upload your schedule on any number of timers.
  • High current handling capability – Our timer has the Industry’s best relay, rated at 230V, 30A. Hence you do not need to use additional actuators or relays to handle relatively high currents.
  • Best Safety Features – Our device is protected in multiple ways, we have a 5kV optical isolator, the relay itself can handle relatively high voltages. The power supply is completely isolated.
  • Real time clock – This timer uses a real time clock and so you need not worry about turning on your devices daily at the same time. It will do it for you
  • Driven by a stable 5A SMPS power supply (to be purchased separately)

You can see your scheduling in one place, in a tabular form on your cell phone screen. Alternately, you can also see it on your computer screen using a RS232 cable.

How does it work?

  • MPT7 uses embedded systems to perform the necessary timer tasks.
  • The cell phone enables the user to enter the accurate timing information.
  • The real time clock within this device keeps track of the time and helps turn on the relays at the programmed time
  • Updating the real time is also very easy. You can quickly upload the time on your cell phone to this timer using a Bluetooth device.

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To automate your home, office, toilet, street lights. With a resolution of 1 min this timer will serve most of your needs. With such a versatile timer at your disposal, the applications of this device are limited only by your imagination.


Comparison chart

How can you save?

  • While programming the first timer could take similar time as the competitor, programming the second timer with same or similar program would take a fraction of the time as the competitor. This is because you can save, recall and edit the scheduling at will.
  • While you are required to scroll through the time scheduling manually for verification, you can verify the scheduling in MPT7 using our industry’s first simulator and uploading the corrected schedule is the easiest.
  • Since the Bluetooth device can be removed after programming, you can save on the cost of the Bluetooth device if you are using multiple MPT7 timers
  • Complete automation of your facility is now possible from a single point in one coordinated effort and therefore the power savings could be significant. As much as 30% power savings is possible. As an example, Imagine controlling you’re A/C at your facility while you are away preventing the power wastage.