• Patented Technology
  • Four versions of NoSmel now available
  • Each suitable for the specialized application and capacity.
  • Improves ambience
  • Does not use any water
  • Does not need chemicals
  • Does not need any gas tanks
  • Helps save up to 30% power
  • Reduces the spread of diseases
  • Generates revenue by playing ads.
  • Automates your toilet without using sensors
  • Generates income by processing Urine to create liquid fertilizers for agriculture.
  • Generates Ozone from air using advanced third generation technology

Why Ozone?

  • Ozone breaks down organic matter both in air and in water. It oxidizes ammonia-based gases, methane and carbon dioxide, creating a healthier environment for the farm animals, birds, and staff.
  • Ozone, even in trace amounts, is more effective than other air disinfecting systems such as chemical fogging and UV light.
  • Unlike chemical scents, ozone does not mask the odor, instead it neutralizes it.
  • Ozone also sterilizes the air and hence improves the hygiene.
  • Once Ozone has done its job, any remaining Ozone turns back into oxygen. Hence there is no harmful chemical residue to deal with.
  • NoSmel does not require any water to operate and generates Ozone from air.
  • This device can work alone but is more effective when working in tandem with Vyuh and Svatch
  • NoSmel is also suitable for female urinals where disease such as the urinary tract infection tends to spread more easily.
  • This device is suitable for existing urinals without the requirement to replumb the lines. It is a retrofit technology.
  • Unlike waterless urinals that require expensive chemicals, NoSmel works without any consumables such as expensive chemical agents.
  • The annual savings on the water, chemicals, labor and electricity pays for itself within a year.

How does it work?

  • NoSmel uses the third generation technology called the dielectric barrier discharge technology to generate Ozone from air.
  • This Ozone is introduced at the source of odor, usually the Urinal pan or isolated pockets within the toilet to neutralize odors.
  • The circuits within the device helps automate the toilet and thus reduce the labor requirement
  • Since sensors are not required for the automation circuit the overall cost of the device is relatively small.

What are the advantages and the Environmental Impact ?

  • Water and Power savings from the device.
  • The ozone from the device can be used to process urine and convert it into liquid fertilizer.
  • Since the Ozone is generated from air, separate gas or water tanks are not required.
  • The total number of cleaning cycles is reduced and there fore the labor required is further reduced.
  • Onsite check-ups and maintenance provided for the first year

How much can you save?

  • With NoSmel, you will recover the cost within the first year
  • The savings are in the form of labor, chemicals, water and electricity
  • This device also generates income as the processed urine can be used in agriculture to replace chemical fertilizers.
  • You will recover the cost of the device within 1 year, as you save on water, chemicals and labor