• Sakhi is world’s first squatting type female waterless urinal. This device can also be used as a water flush
  • It is presently suitable as a waterless urinal for girls under puberty.
  • For girls over the puberty, this device can be used as a waterflush urinal.
  • Since the device is designed to prevent splatter, the chances of acquiring infections with this device
    are miniscule.
  • Sakhi will not stink (if cleaned and maintained properly)
  • The Bacteria load is also much less than water flush urinals
  • This device could save up to 171,000 liters of fresh water per urinal annually.
  • It is an eco-friendly solution that helps conserve water and save the environment.
  • Sakhi uses Vyuh a Mechanical odor trap that does not need any consumables
  • Made of sturdy, highly durable material

How does it work?

  • Sakhi uses a patented design that first slows down the flow of urine using a gradually inclining surface.
  • The Urine then flows back after loosing its kinetic energy back towards the drain at the bottom of the urinal.
  • Vyuh used in tandem with this device prevents odor from coming back up into the toilet, thus making it odor free.
  • Vyuh acts like a one way value with two fluids. The first fluid is a liquid (urine) and the second fluid is the gas (malodor). This device allows the urine to flow down while preventing the odor from coming back up.
  • Unique ergonomic design makes it suitable for women and is also culturally acceptable.

What is the Environmental Impact ?

  • Only 3% of water on earth is fresh water.
  • A typical urinal uses anywhere between 3 liters (regular urinals) to 15 liters (for western toilets) of fresh water per flush.
  • Annually a single urinal could use an equivalent of fresh water in three average sized swimming pools.
  • The sewage treatment plants are overwhelmed by the excess water that needs to be treated.
  • We are wasting fresh water to flush urinals that could otherwise be used for drinking.

How much can you save?

  • By installing Vyuh on your Urinals you save up to 171,000 liters of fresh water per urinal per year. Cost of water varies but it would be in the range of Rs. 12,000 per year for 12 Urinals.
  • You save up to Rs 3,500 annually in electricity as you do not need to pump this water to your over head water tanks (assuming 10 urinals capacity).
  • You do not need to spend on scent chemicals. A savings of up to Rs 4,500 per year
  • You could realize an over all savings of up to Rs. 20,000 per year for 10 urinals.
  • You could continue enjoying an odor free environment while saving on your expenses.
  • If the urinals are used more frequently then the savings are even higher.
  • Plumbing Lines do not clog as hard scales do not form with Vyuh.
  • You will recover your investment within 1.5 yrs.

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