• Our Patented technology used in Sangraha enables urine collection and processing in a single unit.
  • This device can be activated using either a sensor or using a timer.
  • This device reduces your labor cost by up to 50%.
  • You can now use this processed urine as liquid fertilizer.
  • Sale of such urine to farmers will generate significant income.
  • Odor and diseases will not spread to your office or home
  • Made of sturdy, highly durable material to withstand physical abuse
  • Works in tandem with our other products, Vyuh, Svatch, & NoSmel

How does it work?

  • Urine is collected from toilets using waterless urinal fittings such as Vyuh.
  • No water is needed to flush Urine
  • The collected Urine is treated with Ozone gas from NoSmel
  • Once Ozone is bubbled through urine it creates ammonium nitrate from ammonia already present in the Urine.
  • The urine could be diluted with water and then used in agriculture as fertilizer.

What are the advantages and the Environmental Impact ?

  • Sangraha helps reclaim valuable nutrients such as N, P, and K
  • It reduces the load on the sewage treatment plants as the urine no longer needs to be treated. Urine and toilet output forms a major sewage constituent that has to be treated prior to releasing sewage into rivers, streams and oceans.
  • The energy wasted in creating chemical fertilizers and transporting them is now saved, thus further reducing the carbon foot print significantly
  • It generates income from otherwise a liability (your toilet)

How much can you save?

  • Depending on how much urine you could collect and process, a typical school with 1000 students could otentially create liquid fertilizer worth Rs. 7.15 lakhs annually. This income is generated by selling the fertilizer
    to farmers at 1/5th the cost of chemical fertilizers.
  • You will recover the cost of the device within 1 year, as you save on water, chemicals, labor and generate income through sales.