• Our Patented technology used in Svatch enables the self cleaning of the Urinal post.
  • This device can be activated using either a sensor or using a timer, thus saving water.
  • We also have waterless version coming soon.
  • This device reduces your labor cost by up to 80%.
  • Since the source of filth is cleaned, the rest of the toilet and your premises remains clean.
  • Odor and diseases will not spread to your office or home
  • Made of sturdy, highly durable material to withstand physical abuse of walking over with shoes.
  • Retrofits on to existing Urinals, thus reducing replacement costs.

How does it work?

  • In male urinals usually it is at the base of the urinal bowl that you see urine splatter. Users tend to inadvertently stamp this urine puddle and the walk everywhere.
  • Unfortunately, the urine continues to spread everywhere in the premises.
  • In the version 1 of Svatch water jets are used to clean the urine splatter directly at the source.
  • Since users no longer stamp the urine puddle, the urine does not spread to other places within the toilet or your premises. This reduces the requirement of frequent cleaning and therefore reduces labor by up to 80%.
  • The amount chemicals used for cleaning the surface is also reduced
  • The residue and salt deposits don’t form at the base of the Urinals.

What are the advantages and the Environmental Impact ?

  • Water usage for cleaning the floors is drastically reduced by up to 90%.
  • Number of times you have to clean the surface is reduced by over 70%
  • Odors do not spread into your building or home
  • Your shoes remain clean
  • Your premises remain germs free without usage of harmful chemicals
  • An eco-friendly solution

How much can you save?

  • With Svatch, our estimates show that you could save up to 80% in labor and up to 70% in water usage.
  • You will recover the cost of the device within 1 year, as you save on water, chemicals and labor