Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Applicator for Textiles Fabrics


The atmospheric pressure plasma applicator for textile fabrics

APT2000 (PlasShine) is a technological breakthrough plasma applicator that offers customers an economical way to upgrade their present equipment. The system is a result of Multiversal’s years of expertise in engineering and development. PlasShine provides high and long lasting surface treatment on various surfaces and overcomes the industry’s previous performance barriers. PlasShine adds value to engineered films, wovens and nonwovens by cleaning, etching and functionalizing surfaces. This technology does not require vacuum systems to function.



Water shortage and pollution of water bodies caused by conventional processing techniques around the world have prompted the textile industries to seek alternate solutions. Multiversal Technologies is providing low cost dry processing technologies using atmospheric pressure plasma.

Development of PlasShine

There are many versions of PlasShine that are being supplied by Multiversal to meet all your processing needs.

Applications of PlasShine

Lamination Antimicrobial coatings Antistatic coating Hydrophobic coatings Hydrophilic coatings Surface functionalization Surface activation

It’s not difficult to fall in love with PlasShine

Our PlasShine devices helps achieve surface finishing not possible by other means


Why customers choose us

We are the lowest cost complete solution providers in the market. Flexibility combined with the ability to meet any throughput desired by our customers puts us a tab above our competition. Our device comes with a gamut of controls that provide ease of operation on a budget. We are the only plasma manufacturers able to recycle helium and other noble gases continuously thus reducing your processing costs significantly.


  • No Water
  • No Sludge
  • Fully automated
  • Retrofit technology
  • Continuous processing
  • Low Power consumption
  • Can treat conducting surfaces
  • No limit on achievable throughputs.
  • Modular design, hence No limit on length or width of fabric.
  • Pseudo-uniform plasma for uniform fabric processing.
  • Helium recycling through patented “Gas Immersion Technology”
  • While Corona discharge uses 1D Technology, PlasShine is a 2D technology
  • Uses third generation dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) technology
  • Small footprint (hence can fit on existing product flow lines and machinery
  • Extended warranty available on the product for years of uninterrupted maintenance and operation
  • Eliminates electrode breakage, hence the electrodes last much longer
  • Excess heat produced is lower, so no electrode cooling required
  • Built-in redundancy ensures continuous operation
  • Maintenance cycles are far fewer
  • Ozone is produced only when air is used as the working gas and can be diverted away from the user and disposed off easily


John Severt

“A clean toilet with no odor is always a welcome. When you don’t have to pay for the cartridge and the sealant every other month, the savings begin to add up quickly. It is definitely worth buying.”

John Severt / Premium Ltd. / Chicago

Alex Winslow

“Efficient usage of the otherwise considered waste, into agriculture is surely something the modern world needs. Farmers everywhere will benefit from these products.”

Alex Winslow / Themes Ltd.

Kate Brown

“It is amazing how powerful and easy-to-use the multiversal products are. The tracking software GoGo is one of the best in the world at the lowest possible cost. This App allows one to monitor one’s own staff and do so much more. It is a welcome change when compared to CCTVs that are so much difficult to go through, while GoGo provides all the information in one go and saves a ton of your time.”

Kate Brown / Templates Ltd.

You can now perform cutting edge textile fabric processing on a budget.