Tracking Apps

GoGo App helps our clients monitor their employees by tracking their cell phones. A simple app downloaded to your cell phone will provide position information regularly. This information can be saved and retrieved when needed.

Tons of Features
  • History of the path taken
  • Instant reports
  • Face recognition pictures
  • Signature capture/confirmation
  • Time stamp pictures
  • Monitor your employees using your cell phone
  • Many more
Best Price
  • We are industry’s lowest cost service provider. We enable the addition of new features as needed.
24/7 Support
  • Support provided through email for all basic accounts
  • Support by chatting and telephone to premium users

Tracking a cell phone instead of GPS hardware helps save money and time

GoGo allows you to monitor your employees, drivers and vehicles with ease.  You can skip the step of installing GPS hardware completely and simply use your GPS enabled cell phone to do the job.  You no longer have to worry about violating the warranty as installation of GPS hardware generally involves cutting wires.  Even if you already have GPS hardware on your vehicles, you could use GoGo as a backup system, that not only allows you to monitor your vehicle but also the driver at all times.

Try it and be prepared to be wowed !